"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about." ~Angela Schwindt~

Friday, June 10, 2011

Abigail and Lucas meeting

Nothing brings joy to my heart more than having both of my children together. Jason went and picked Abigail and his mom up to bring them to the hospital yesterday so they could meet Lucas. They all come in the door and I immediately teared up because I haven’t seen my precious Abigail in over 24 hours. It was the first night I had ever spent away from her. I think I had more anxiety about being away from her than about the whole scheduled c section. Jason’s mom is staying with her at our house so I know that she is getting some major attention and spoiling while we were at hospital. We didn’t want Abigail to see me the day of delivery because I didn’t want her to get scared with me still being hooked up to the IV, cath, etc… I wanted to be in my own clothes and able to get out of the bed.

Jason had told her that I had a “boo boo” on my belly and she always wants to kiss my boo boos. Jason carried her in and I was lying on the bed holding Lucas. She looked at him with such wonder and amazement, pointed her little finger at him and said baby, baby. She used her “sweet” voice which is a tone quieter and higher pitched than her normal talking voice. She got to open a few big sister gifts when she got here and enjoyed playing with them. One of her gifts was a coloring book and crayons and she crawled up in my bed and colored with me.

After she played a little while she became more interested in Lucas. She sat with me on the bed and was able to hold him with assistance. She kissed him, hugged him, and talked to him. At one point she was sitting on the couch and Jason was holding Lucas and she offered him her toy. She just laid it beside him and said, “there you go.”

Abigail calls her pacifier “bobby”, were not sure where she got that from. She continued to use the gum drop soothie ones also, which is the ones the hospitals provide. I showed Abigail, Lucas’ “bobby” and asked her if she wanted to give it to him and she just put it in his mouth as gentle as could be. Right after I asked her if she wanted to give him his bobby I thought to myself that I probably should have done that, she would say it was hers, but she gave it to him very willingly.

She got to hold him again with Jason’s help and it just brought tears to my eyes how sweet they were with each other. I know that there are going to be times of jealousy, competition, etc, but these first moments together were so priceless.

Abby and Jason’s mom were able to stay a little more than an hour and when it was time to go she gave kisses all around and told Lucas, “don’t cry, its ok”. She has the sweetest little heart. I’m looking forward to going home tomorrow and start our lives together as a family of four.

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