"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about." ~Angela Schwindt~

Friday, December 25, 2009

Dear Abigail,

Dear Abigail.

Merry Christmas! We woke up today and saw that Santa had come to visit you! Of course we knew that you were on Santa's good list. In our eyes you are just perfect. The greatest gift of all. You sat in your bumbo chair and helped mommy open presents. You got: Holiday Barbie, Snow White DVD, Shape sorter, Wagon and a Micky Mouse Doll. You loved everything you but, but most of all liked playing with the ribbon it was packaged in. Your Micky Mouse doll i think was your favorite, it went straight for your mouth and you started chewing on it's nose.

You were an Angel in the Christmas play at church this past Sunday. Gabriel carried you in. You wore a white onesie that had a white tutu attached to it, and I purchased some angel wings and a halo for you to wear. You looked beautiful. You looked like a little angel. I don't think that you needed to wear an angel outfit to look like an angel, you had that one covered.

You have made this Christmas holiday just wonderful. We told you all about Jesus and how Christmas was his birthday. I never want you to get wrapped up in the gifts of Christmas, we always want you know the true meaning of the season. I love you Abigal, and I love this extra time off of work to get to spend everyday with you.

Momma (:

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Dear Abigail,

My precious child,

We took you to your four month appointment today; however you were 4 ½ months old. You are 26 inches long and 15 lbs and 7.5 ounces. 93% in length and 79% in weight. I think you are going to be tall like your daddy. You are so much like your daddy; you first off are a spitting image of him. There will never be a doubt by anyone who your daddy is!

We had the most amazing thanksgiving. We bought you a shirt that says babies 1st thanksgiving and a friend bought you one that said thankful for mommy. I know you are thankful for your mommy you show me by your hugs and sweet smiles and giggles that you give me.

Your favorite toys right now include your links, your little cow doll, and of course, how could we forget buttercup. Buttercup goes with us everywhere that we go. This is just a soft cushion doll that your cousin got you when they came to visit. We are getting ready to celebrate our first Christmas! You make the holidays so much fun. I bought you a babies first Christmas outfit the other day and can’t wait for you to wear it. I have told you that next year we will get you one that says babies 2nd Christmas if they make those.

I have also started making you hairbows, and you absolutely love to wear them. I’m so surprised that you leave them on but you do, and you are oh so cute. I have about 1000 pictures to prove how cute you are. You have one for each outfit!

I love you more everyday Abbyroo. I just started back to work and it is so hard not to be with you at home. I call the daycare 2-3 times a day to check on you and the teacher every time just talks about what a good baby you are. We hung pictures in your crib there, and of course you take your special buttercup doll and blankie. The highlight of my day is picking you up. I love you so much.

Love Mommy :-* :-*

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dear Abigail,

Wow I know that I tell you this all the time, but time sure does fly. You are starting to change all over Abigail. You are growing a little bit of hair, and you are so animated in your expressions. I tell your daddy that you are a Wildcat fan; you seem like to watch football on TV some.

I bought you the cutest little while toboggan this week and we put it on you and it just made your face look so full and sweet. I started calling you chubba cheeks. I think you like your new nick name, although Abbyroo has stuck around this far you like it too.

We had a wonderful thanksgiving. You wore a shirt that said you were thankful for Mommy. Abigail I am most thankful for you.

I have been back to work for 2 weeks now, and it has been so hard not being with you all day long. We like your class at daycare and Ms. Melissa takes very good care of you. We have all your favorite toys with you there, a pictures book that we made for you, hung pictures in your crib, we take your own special sheet and blanket. I think you have pretty much been asleep every time that I pick you up. They talk about what a good baby you are. Of course mommy and daddy think you are just perfect.

I love you Abbyroo!


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dear Abigail


You are cute as a button. You have a shirt to prove it too! This has been a fun filled month for you. You spent your 1st Sunday in the nursery with Kathy. I keep telling you that you and Kathy go way back. You helped your daddy celebrate his birthday with a big ole cookie cake. I wish that you had been able to eat some of it. We got it designed with UK football on it.

Your daddy isn’t a sportsaholic but he will sit down and enjoy a good football came. He especially likes them with his little girl sitting on his knee.

We celebrated your first Halloween this evening. We dressed you up as a frog and you were absolutely the cutest frog we had ever seen. Today you wore a shirt that said you were so cute it was scary. I have to agree, you are so cute, and all the people we come into contact with have to agree. People are always telling us how cute you are, what a pretty baby you were. We didn’t go trick or treating around the neighborhood, we stayed at the house and passed out candy. You loved getting up and going to the door and giving out candy.

Your growing so much it is crazy. I can’t believe how much you have grown in the past month. Your getting to big for the sling but you sure enjoy mama’s hip.

You are starting to learn how to get your way. You have made this sweet little pucker lip and it just melts my heart. You are so young, yet you already have me and your daddy both wrapped around your little fingers.

We also gave you your first guitar and piano lesson this month. You love sitting on mama’s lap while we are practicing and playing the piano. You are such a big girl and you seem to absolutely love music. We play music sometimes and your face just lights up. You especially like to sit in your bumbo and watch your daddy play his guitar.

We went up to your daddy’s work the other day to take some pictures of you in your Halloween outfits and your sweet hair bow that I made you. Have I ever told you how cute you were?

Also a new nickname that I gave you was “goof troop”. You can be down right goofy little girl. You are so special. We love every ounce of you. Just keep being you precious Abigail. I read you this letter while you were sitting in my lap; you looked over at me and smiled.

Love you!

Mommy :-)

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Dear Abby,

Abigail today was a very special day for you. Your daddy and I had you dedicated. We made promises to God before the church to teach you about Jesus, so you can come to know him. Your daddy and I will pray for you every day that one day you come to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and accept him as your Lord and Savior. I love you baby girl

Momma (:

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dear Abigail,

Sweet Abbyrooroo,

You are all smiles. You are the most delightful baby that I have ever seen and I am not just saying that because I’m your mommy. You are full of smiles. All we have to do is look at you and say, “awwww” and your face just lights up. I hope it’s always this easy to make you happy. You are two months old today! It is so hard to believe that you are two months old. I am just trying to soak up every moment with you and slow down the time if that is somehow possible.

We took you to the peds today and you are 23.25 inches long and 11 lbs 2.4 ounces. You are in the 78% for length and 58% for weight for your age. We think you are just perfect. You are just the most precious little thing. We have been able to get out of the house some lately and meet some of my work friends from the office. They call to have lunch with me, but I know that they just want to see you. You love to go out of the house. I think you will be a child that will much prefer to be outside than playing indoors.

You love your little feet rattles. They are like socks and we put them on your feet and you will just kick your feet so that you can hear the noise on the rattle. We sit on the couch and I will put the footrest out and have you face me resting on my legs and you will sit there and smile ear to ear. I try and give you really fast kisses and you just love it and have to show us your gummy smile.

You like to make clicking noises with your tongue. We will make 2-3 clicks and you will try your hardest to make those noises back to us. You are a fast learning because you have almost gotten this down pat. You are the sweetest thing I have ever seen. This evening while I am tying this you are laying beside me on the couch. Your daddy is here with us too and you are napping. Your little mouth will move like you are sucking on your bottle. You will move your mouth 10-12 times, and then stop. There you go again, I think you are dreaming about formula. I love you Abby, I hope you are having sweet dreams and probably swimming in a pool of milk.

Love you.

Mommy :-)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dear Abigail,

Dear Abigail,

Today I couldn’t put you down. You are growing to fast, and I just want to soak every moment up with you. I held you during your nap earlier today and you just made the sweetest sleep noises I have ever heard. My mom tells me not to hold you to much because I will spoil you, but I can’t help it. I don’t want to put your down, I don’t want to blink, I just want you to stay tee tiny forever. You are more precious today than ever. I love you baby girl!

Your Momma (:

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dear Abigail,

My sweet Abigail,

This first month with you had absolutely flown by! You are one month old! Happy One month birthday! Your favorite activities right now are stretching, drinking your bottle, and kicking your legs on your play mat. You will lie on your play mat and kick your little chubby legs and hit the toys. You have so much fun doing this and make the most precious noises I have ever heard while kicking.

I love being on maternity leave with you, we get to spend all our time together, and I am spoiling you rotten I know. We took you to church last week. You looked so precious in your pink plaid outfit and your sweet summer bonnet that a lady from church got you. We kept you up in the sanctuary and you slept the whole time. I think I even heard a few little sleep snores from you. I hope you were having sweet dreams. I don’t want you ever to have anything hurt you or make you sad. If it was up to me I would just put you in a bubble and nothing bad would ever happen to you.

I still get nervous driving with you in the car. We always go slowly, but you love looking at yourself in the mirror we have hanging for you. When your daddy is with us I will sit in the back of the car with you. You have already decided that you are a daddy’s girl. You love this special spot on his chest. You will lay there for hours and he will just sit there and smile. Well Sweet girl, let’s try and slow down the time, you are already changing and growing so fast. I feel like I am going to blink and you will be talking and walking. I love you more everyday if that is even possible. Know that you are beautifully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139).

PS: Your first peds appointment was on August 3rd at 5 days old you weighed 7 lbs 2.8 oz, your head measured 34 cm.

Your last peds appointment was on August 14, and you were 16 whole days old! You were 20.5 inches long and weighed 7 lbs 10 oz. The ped said you were just perfect, however we already knew that!

Love you!

Mommy :-)

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Dear Abigail

My sweet precious little child,

We brought you home from the hospital today and you were 4 days old. I wanted everything to be just perfect in the house; however you didn’t seem to mind that there were things out of place. You were just happy to be with your mommy and daddy. We came home and showed you around the house. I especially think that you loved your room, all decorated in green and pink, perfect for my sweet princess. We took you out to meet the puppy dogs, we let you swing in your swing, try out your bouncy chair, and we cuddled and rocked for hours in our bedroom.

We have a bassinet set up in our room for you to sleep with us right now. I’m not too keen on the idea of letting you out of my sight. You are the most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes on. To see you for the first time in the delivery room I was speechless. When I was in recovery room when they finally brought you back to me, we you laid on my chest and I could just feel you breath. I just want to inhale you. I want to breathe in your sweet smell all day long.

I didn’t realize how much you would sleep, but I’ve been told that’s your job right now and when you sleep mommy should sleep too. I absolutely love our 2:00 AM, 5:00 AM, feedings. I pull you into the bed with me and you lay on my arm and drink your bottle. After you finish your bottle I lay you on my chest until you fall back asleep. Oh goodness I could just pat your little butt forever. You are just precious.

I love the little nightgown that you wore this evening; it was a cream color beige with a giraffe on it. It had a matching hat with it. We are keeping hats on you for the most part, we don’t want to let your little head get cold. I love your noises, I love your soft sweet skin, I love your beautiful blue eyes, and you’re little goldy locks hair. You are so beautiful. If I could have picked out the features of what I wanted in a child it wouldn’t measure up to what God has given us. I am so blessed to be your mommy. I knew from the first moment I held you in my arms that I was created to be your mommy that is my purpose in my life. I love you so much sweet child.

Sweet Dreams



Saturday, August 01, 2009

My 1st blog

"God's promises are light the stars, the darker the night, the brighter they shine." I'm not sure who originally said this quote, but I remember I first heard it while I was in high school and it has stayed with me ever since. We truely serve an amazing God who has truly changed my life in amazing ways. I am not sure how to blog or what to even say, but I will more than likely use this to talk about how God is working in my life and share about my family.