"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about." ~Angela Schwindt~

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dear Abigail,

Dear Abigail,

I’m sitting beside you right now while you are eating your breakfast watching Handy Manny. Your eating your most favorite breakfast, sausage biscuit, strawberry yogurt and of course your milk that you love to chug. Right now you’re making googly eyes over Handy Manny, one of your most favorite shows, other than your Mater tales DVD.

I had to tell you the hardest thing this past Saturday, that your poppa had passed away. You were asleep when we got the call that they were taking him to the hospital, and your daddy went straight to the hospital and I stayed home with you. Your daddy called and told me that he had passed. I picked you up and held you tight. I sat you on the counter and told you that your poppa was with Jesus now. You looked up at me and wiped my tear and gave me the biggest sweetest hug you have ever given. I know that you are so young and really don’t know what is going on, but you know mommy and daddy are sad. The past few days you have been extra sweet, given extra hugs and kisses. You are such a special little girl.

We never want you to forget your poppa, you were one of his favorite people, and his grandchildren were the light of his life. Poppa was also one of your most favorite people. You always went straight to his lap when they came over to the house. He would always take you outside and you all had some special times together, walking around the block, riding on his shoulders, sitting in his lap to share a book, and of course showing off your new tricks that you have learned. You loved him so much and he loved you all the more.

Your Nana has come over the past few days and when she comes in you just shrug your shoulders in wonder where Poppa is. I just want you to know that he is with Jesus and you will see him again someday.

We went to the visitation last night and you stayed at home with Darwin and Cathy. They said that you were just the perfect little angel. This is only the third time we have left you somewhere and gone somewhere without you. Darwin said that you all had a big ole time playing in the floor just laughing at him wearing your purple fuzzy hat. About 4:00 this morning you started crying for mommy and daddy, I think that you missed us and just wanted to see us. It’s hard when someone else puts you to bed at night. When I got home last night I just went beside your crib and just stroke your sweet little face and told you I loved you.

The pictures below are some of my favorite with you and your Poppa. You can tell by the look in his face how much he loved you. Last night at the visitation, about everyone we talked about said that he was always talking about you. I love you Abbyroo!



Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dear Lucas,

Dear Lucas,

Oh my goodness we are getting excited for your arrival! I feel you move inside of me everyday and just can’t wait to lay my eyes on your sweet little face and hold you in my arms. I know your sister, Abby is getting excited too. Each night she rubs my belly and we talk about you. She always tries to lift up my shirt and look for you, so I don’t know if she quite understands that you will be here in just a couple of short months! She tries so hard to say Lucas, “Wuwas”.

This evening we were sitting on the couch and I felt you move and I put Abby’s hand on my belly, and you kicked and she looked at me. She immediately put her hand back, so I know she felt you! I don’t know if she knew it was you or not, but she felt something.

We almost have your room cleared out and all of your furniture we ordered has come in, its just a matter of painting and getting your room set up! Were having all of your nursery d├ęcor made by a friend, and can’t wait for it to come in!

I love you Lucas! Can’t wait until June sweet little man :)


Dear Abigail,

Dear Abigail,

Days with you just keep getting better and better. You are absolutely the funniest little thing. You like to take all your clothes off in the living room and run around with just your diaper on. Eventually you will take off your diaper and just want to be naked. If I sit you on the potty you will pee pee in it, and then you give yourself applause. We play peek-a-boo at the dinner table and you just have the most contagious laugh. You will hold your hands over your sweet little face and peek at us between your figners while we are “looking for you” and then you show that sweet little face and bust out in laughter.

We celebrated fat Tuesday this week with some jambalaya and pacski cakes. You ate some grilled chicken and greenbeans. You loved wearing your beads and head piece. You definitely thought you were a sight to see!

You’ve been singing a lot lately. You know the melody to twinkle twinkle little star without question. You struggle with the worlds, but without question we know what you are singing. You have the hand motions down to patty cake and deep and wide. I know you will be singing a song with your daddy before you know it.

You absolutely love, without question, the “mater’s tall tales” DVD. You want to watch it everyday! We practically do too. When it plays the theme song you scream and just get so excited! I ask you if you want to watch mater and you start to scream and clap with excitement. You will sit on my lap and intently watch your show for the full 30 minutes.

You still love preschool. The past couple weeks I have taken you to school and your daddy has picked you up. We pull in the daycare and you pack your stuff off (car toys) and you’re ready to go! You go to your teacher, Ms. G so willingly and don’t even look back. You have made such good friends in there too. Daddy went to pick you up this past week one day and you were playing with blocks with your friend Ty, and he walked in the room and you looked at him and said, “Ah man”. You weren’t quite ready to come home. You wanted to play! It makes me feel so good to know that you have a place that you love with your friends.

You bring so much joy to our lives. Every moment with you is just precious. I love you so much Abbyroo!

Love you!


Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Dear Abigail,

Dear Abbyroo,

Wow you are growing up so fast. I have know this, and have acknowledged it several times in the past few months but it really hit me on Saturday. I went through all of your baby clothes and boxed them all up to give away, 6 boxes full. It was so sad, I just held some of your little clothes and thought of you wearing them, and it just made me smile. I have to admit though, I did save a full diaper box of some of the most special pieces of clothes that I hope to make a quilt out of in the next few years as we collect more special pieces of clothes.

I held your bonnet that you wore your first Sunday at church, the bonnet you wore when we had you dedicated, your sweet little dress that you wear on your first Easter, the sleep that was my favorite. As I went through them all to box up your daddy and I just talked about you already saying, remember when… remember when… You are 19 months old to the day and the time has absolutely flown by.

I just remember when you were so small and I had to do everything for you and I have just watched you turn into this little independent toddler, even little girl.

You are talking so much lately! You have always been a talker, but you will repeat whatever we say the best you can. You will come and kiss my belly each day and say “Wucas”. I can’t wait for you to feel the him kick, for you to meet him and share your sweet kisses with him. I know that you will be the best big sister. I also don’t quite know if you have figured out that “Wucas” is another baby coming to live with us.

You are also getting teeth like crazy now! You have gotten 13 teeth in the past 6 months! You have outgrown all your 18 month clothing, and wearing 24 months and even 2Ts. We took you to your 18 month peds appointment and you are in the 96% in height and 76% in weight. The Ped said that you are just perfect and even a little advanced for your age. You were most definitely showing off for him though showing him all your body parts, and saying your words. You love to show off those muscles, as we all know.

I love you so much Abby! You have a way to melt my heart everyday! You are the most special little girl in this world. I love you Roo!