"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about." ~Angela Schwindt~

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dear Abigail,

Dear Abigail,

Happy Birthday to the sweetest little 2 year old I know!  We are so richly blessed to have you as our daughter and I am just so thankful and honored to call you mine here on Earth.  I pray daily that God will continue to hold, keep, protect and blessed you, and I just tear up when I get to hold you close and think about how God has let me borrow you for a while.  I praise Him because you are fearfully and wonderfully made!  It doesn’t seem like it has been two years since I laid eyes on you for the first time.  I will remember the day I became your mommy like it was yesterday forever.  I laid my eyes on your sweet little face and held you tight.  I never wanted to let you go.  I truly don’t know how I survived before you came along.  You have added so much joy to our lives and I am thankful for everything about you. 

You truly have the sweetest heart and have such care and concern for your friends and family.  You love your bubby so much and when he cries you try to make him feel better by giving him something of yours.  You shower us with hugs, kisses, and just your sweetness every day.  It is hard for me to capture words for my love for you.  I know you will know what I am talking about one day when you hold your children. 

We had a cookie monster birthday party for you today!  You sure love cookie monster – you walk around and say “cookie monster, yum yum yum.”  You live life with such a love and passion.  I love to watch you find joy in laughter, playing, being with friends…  When you laugh you laugh hard, when you cry you cry hard, when you love – you love so much.  It just melts my heart to see you pucker those little lips wanting a kiss from your mommy.  Seeing you is definitely the highlight of my day!  This past year has been amazing and  I just love every moment with you!  I am so thankful God has allowed me to be your mommy!  Happy Birthday!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dear Lucas,

Dear Lucas,

You are 5 ½ weeks old!  I have been off work for 6 weeks now and it is hard to believe that my maternity leave is ½ way over.  I love my days with you.  Right now you are still waking up every 3 hours to eat.  You take your bottles like a pro and wouldn’t miss a meal or show up late for your meal either.  I’m not quite sure what I am going to do with my blonde hair blue eyed boy, with two little dimples.  You are just adorable and I know that you are going to be a heart breaker.

You love to be held.  Right now you are in your daddy’s arms snoozing while he also rests.  You like your swing.  We turn it on high and it has a little mobile and you enjoy watching your friends spin around in circles, aka parrot, monkey and frog.  You have out grown your newborn clothes and wearing size 0-3 months clothing.  It’s hard to believe I have already had to pack up some of your clothes.  I think your favorite spot is in my arms.  You look at me with your eyes wide open like you are studying my face.  We read in the mornings, play with your sissy in the evenings, and you make your little coo noises all day long.  You have learned where your hands and feet are and learning to find your little voice.

I love you so much little man!

Your mommy

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dear Abigail,

Dear Abigail,

You have grown up so much the past month.  You have become such a loving sweet little girl, who just loves and cares for her brother.  You have adjusted so well to him coming home, and you are such a helper girl with him.  You love to give him kisses and hugs, and for some reason you feel the need to touch his face and head often.  You are loving and gentle towards him and you call him “your bubby”.  You have called him Lucas a couple times, but mostly you call him bubby.

You also right now like to be the center of attention and the life of the party.  We went to our neighborhood cookout and you didn’t know 90 percent of the people there, but you made friends quick wanting to give everyone hugs.  You would walk around while we were eating dinner and just say “hi guys” as loud as you could.  For dinner you had a hotdog and it was off the bun all cut up and had your bun on the side.  I think it is so funny, but you loaded your French fries up on your bun and ate them like a hot dog.  You were very proud of your creation and gobbled it right up.

We’ve created a “good girl board” on our wall for you.  We give you stickers when you get ready well, or pick up your toys, eat your dinner well, or get ready for bed without a fuss.  You are so proud of your board.  You will go to it and point to where it says good girl, and say “good girl, that’s Abby” and then pat your little chest.  You put your stickers up there with such enthusiasm and accomplish.  Once your sticker goes on the board you want us all to clap and call you a good girl, which you are.

You are absolutely obsessed with blue’s clues now.  We DVR them and watch an episode when you get home from daycare.  You walk in, bring me the remote, and ask me to turn it on.  When the episode is over you do the sign language and ask for “more clues”.  Your little eyes just light up when they sing their music to the show and when the clues come on.  You point to the TV and yell, “clue clue”.   So sweet.  

I never knew my heart could love someone as much as I love you.  I love you so incredibly much and it just grows and grows.  I hope you always have such a sweet giving little heart that you do right now.  You are so concerned with the well being of others.  If we sneeze you say bless you, if we cough you ask us if we are “kokay”.  When your bubby cries you look at him with concerns and say, “don’t cry bubby, don’t cry, its kokay”.  I pray for you every day that you resist the evils in this world and love Jesus.  You most definitely love going to church at this time in your life, but it’s not about going to church, it’s about loving Jesus and accepting him as your Lord and savior.  I love you baby girl… You will always be my baby girl. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dear Lucas,

Dear Lucas,

You are here! You are 2 ½ weeks old now and time is already going by so fast. You are eating us out of house and home, about 4 ounces every 4 hours. I tell your daddy that you tell time better than anyone, letting us know exactly when three hours have pasted. You have been to the pediatrician twice now and they say that you are just perfect, which we already knew that. When we took you this past Monday you had already gained 9 ounces.

Our days right now consist of cuddling, sleeping, and eating. You are just precious. You don’t like your pacifier at all and your sister doesn’t understand why you don’t want it. She gives you a lot of hugs and kisses. You are just beautiful. I just sit and stare at you. Your daddy and I both think that you are just perfect. I love you baby boy!

Your Mommy :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Abigail and Lucas meeting

Nothing brings joy to my heart more than having both of my children together. Jason went and picked Abigail and his mom up to bring them to the hospital yesterday so they could meet Lucas. They all come in the door and I immediately teared up because I haven’t seen my precious Abigail in over 24 hours. It was the first night I had ever spent away from her. I think I had more anxiety about being away from her than about the whole scheduled c section. Jason’s mom is staying with her at our house so I know that she is getting some major attention and spoiling while we were at hospital. We didn’t want Abigail to see me the day of delivery because I didn’t want her to get scared with me still being hooked up to the IV, cath, etc… I wanted to be in my own clothes and able to get out of the bed.

Jason had told her that I had a “boo boo” on my belly and she always wants to kiss my boo boos. Jason carried her in and I was lying on the bed holding Lucas. She looked at him with such wonder and amazement, pointed her little finger at him and said baby, baby. She used her “sweet” voice which is a tone quieter and higher pitched than her normal talking voice. She got to open a few big sister gifts when she got here and enjoyed playing with them. One of her gifts was a coloring book and crayons and she crawled up in my bed and colored with me.

After she played a little while she became more interested in Lucas. She sat with me on the bed and was able to hold him with assistance. She kissed him, hugged him, and talked to him. At one point she was sitting on the couch and Jason was holding Lucas and she offered him her toy. She just laid it beside him and said, “there you go.”

Abigail calls her pacifier “bobby”, were not sure where she got that from. She continued to use the gum drop soothie ones also, which is the ones the hospitals provide. I showed Abigail, Lucas’ “bobby” and asked her if she wanted to give it to him and she just put it in his mouth as gentle as could be. Right after I asked her if she wanted to give him his bobby I thought to myself that I probably should have done that, she would say it was hers, but she gave it to him very willingly.

She got to hold him again with Jason’s help and it just brought tears to my eyes how sweet they were with each other. I know that there are going to be times of jealousy, competition, etc, but these first moments together were so priceless.

Abby and Jason’s mom were able to stay a little more than an hour and when it was time to go she gave kisses all around and told Lucas, “don’t cry, its ok”. She has the sweetest little heart. I’m looking forward to going home tomorrow and start our lives together as a family of four.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dear Abigail,

It is so hard to capture on paper what I feel in my heart. I just look at you with awe and amazement. I love you more than you will ever know and you have such a way of just making each day perfect. I look forward to you waking up every morning just to see your sweet smiling face. I look forward to hearing you talk to see what you have to say, and just have watched in amazement you growing up to be such a sweet little girl.

We’re still waiting on your baby brother to make his appearance. You still rub on my belly and give “wewas” kisses. You will sometimes stand before my belly and say, “Hey wewas”. I know your going to be a wonderful big sister. You love to play in his room with his toys, and I know that you will be so excited once he is here. I know that you know there is a baby in my belly, but I’m not sure if you realize that he is going to be coming out. You get your little baby doll and stick it under your shirt. I’m a little anxious because our first night away from each other will be when I am in the hospital.

You have such a care and concern for your daddy and me. Whenever we cough or sneeze you come over to us put your sweet little hand on our face and ask us if we are “koo- Kay”. It is one of my favorite words that you say, because you nod your head yes while you say “koo-kay”.

We spend most of our play time reading books, by your choice. You will go back to your room and get as many as you can carry and just sit and listen to every one of them, over and over. I hope that you always like to read. It is one of my favorite times together because you will sit in my lap.

We will work on flash cards together and you have some Dr. Seuss flash cards with colors and shapes on them. Just this evening we went through them all and you got them all right, when we were done you got the stack of cards and held them up and wanted me to anwer them, and after everyone I said you would look at the card and say “good job” in the sweetest cheerful voice. I will most definatley have to get that on video for you to see someday!

I think about you reading these letters I have written to you when you are older, and it makes me tear up to think of you growing up. Each stage of growth you go through makes me just treasure each moment more and more. You have changed so much in this last year, and I know there are just so many more changes to come. I love you baby girl! You will always be my baby girl!



Dear Lucas,

We are getting so excited about your arrival! We had an ultrasound last week and got to see your sweet little face. You scored perfect scores on health and all the tests they did on you. They measured your head, legs, stomach etc, and your development is measuring about 3 weeks ahead. The doctor told me that you are healthy as a horse and I could deliver any day and you would be just perfect.

We are ready for you! Your room is all in place, and I hope you like alligators. Alligator’s isn’t the only theme in there, but you do have several in there now. We had a mural painted on your wall of an Owl, Koala Bear, Monkey and alligator. They are all ready cute and I hope that you like them. You’re Aunt Susan and Grandma is throwing a shower for you on Friday. All the family is so excited about your arrival. I know your big sister is getting excited too. She often will touch my belly and rub it. She calls you “wewas” right now and gives you sweet little kisses.

You are reminding me very frequently that your arrival is soon. You usually wake up around 4 in the morning and start moving around to start your day. I love to lay there in the early mornings and feel you move. I talk to you, sing to you, and rub on my belly just to feel you kick. Your already so precious to my heart.

Well June 8th may be your birthday? I have a feeling that you may come a little earlier than that, however I know that it will be when you are ready. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms! I’ll see you soon!

Your Mommy :)

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Dear Abbyroo

Oh sweet little girl, you have a way to melt my heart like no one else. I took you to daycare the other day and I said “bye” and gave you a big hug and kiss as I left. You puckered up your little lips and I asked if you were ok. You said, “noooo”, I said, “what’s the matter baby girl”, you reached your little arms out and hugged my leg and said “I want my mommy”. Oh how it was hard to go to work that day! I just wanted to take you in my arms and head back to the house.

You have started putting words together really well. Your daddy and I were in your brother’s room putting up curtains and you went to your kitchen and go all your plates, bowls and silver wear and set them in a row with a spoon or fork in each setting, you came up to your daddy and me and said, “come on, let’s eat”. You also say, “I want cookie”, I want bobby”, “I love you”, Where’d it go?”, and many others that don’t come to mind at this moment. It is amazing communicating with you, and your comprehension is a lot better than you getting your thoughts across to us.

You love to wear hair bows and play dress up. You have so many hair bows and a lot of them are hanging on your wall on your hair bow holder. You pick out one and insist I put it in your hair. After I put it on you, you pat your little chest and say, “I pretty”. You love to look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself kisses, and play with your necklaces and bracelets. You also love to wear mommy’s shoes. One of the first things that I do when I get home from work is take off my shoes; I rarely ever wear them in the house. You will get them and try your best to walk around with them on your feet. You do your best with my tennis shoes, your daddy will tie them on you and you just walk so slow and careful. You try to wear my flip flops, but don’t do as well with them. You’re so funny, because you love to wear your socks and shoes in the house. We will be sitting on the couch together and I will ask you if you want me to take them off and you want them back on within 2 minutes. After we get you dressed in the morning you immediately start asking for your socks. I’m not sure what you will do when it stays warm outside and we try and put sandals on you. You’re wearing a lot of short sleeve shirts lately and you try and pull the sleeves down, I think you’re wondering where the sleeve went.

I need to take you to get a haircut and a new pair of tennis shoes this weekend. I want to get your foot measured so they fit you well; we will probably go to the stride rite store and then off to cookie cutters to get your sweet little hair cut. Your hair has grown so much, which it has been about 4 months since we took you for your 1st hair cut. I just don’t want them to cut out your sweet little curls, but it is still growing so much longer in the back than the front. You loved getting your hair cut last time and I hope that you love it just as much this time too.

You have started to get pickier with your food, but you are still such a good eater. You sure love pizza just like your mama. Your other favorite foods are yogurt (any kind), grilled cheese, really any kind of cheese, hamburgers, macaroni and cheese, fish sticks, chicken nuggets, grapes, and bananas. Your no fail food is grilled cheese. If we have something for dinner that you don’t like that is what I fix you and you gobble it right up.

You still like to read more than ever. Right now your favorite book is, Mr. Brown can moo can you? You love to make the noises in the book and you make the cutest little face when you get to the “pop pop pop” page.

You are such a delightful little girl. You seem to enjoy just about everything that you do to the fullest. You laugh hard, smile big, hug tight, and give wet little kisses. Everything about you is just so wonderful. You make me a happier, more joyful person just being around you. I just want to take that feeling you make me feel and bottle it up and hold it close to my heart forever. Your growing up to fast little girl! I’m not sure how much longer you will let me call you Abbyroo. I have a feeling that you’re going to do a lot more growing before your baby brother gets here. You will be a great big sister. You go in his room and just look around right now; I hope that when he comes you feel just as much love and attention as you do now. I never want you to have any less than everything we have to give you. I love you Abbyroo!


You’re Mommy

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dear Abigail,

Dear Abigail,

I’m sitting beside you right now while you are eating your breakfast watching Handy Manny. Your eating your most favorite breakfast, sausage biscuit, strawberry yogurt and of course your milk that you love to chug. Right now you’re making googly eyes over Handy Manny, one of your most favorite shows, other than your Mater tales DVD.

I had to tell you the hardest thing this past Saturday, that your poppa had passed away. You were asleep when we got the call that they were taking him to the hospital, and your daddy went straight to the hospital and I stayed home with you. Your daddy called and told me that he had passed. I picked you up and held you tight. I sat you on the counter and told you that your poppa was with Jesus now. You looked up at me and wiped my tear and gave me the biggest sweetest hug you have ever given. I know that you are so young and really don’t know what is going on, but you know mommy and daddy are sad. The past few days you have been extra sweet, given extra hugs and kisses. You are such a special little girl.

We never want you to forget your poppa, you were one of his favorite people, and his grandchildren were the light of his life. Poppa was also one of your most favorite people. You always went straight to his lap when they came over to the house. He would always take you outside and you all had some special times together, walking around the block, riding on his shoulders, sitting in his lap to share a book, and of course showing off your new tricks that you have learned. You loved him so much and he loved you all the more.

Your Nana has come over the past few days and when she comes in you just shrug your shoulders in wonder where Poppa is. I just want you to know that he is with Jesus and you will see him again someday.

We went to the visitation last night and you stayed at home with Darwin and Cathy. They said that you were just the perfect little angel. This is only the third time we have left you somewhere and gone somewhere without you. Darwin said that you all had a big ole time playing in the floor just laughing at him wearing your purple fuzzy hat. About 4:00 this morning you started crying for mommy and daddy, I think that you missed us and just wanted to see us. It’s hard when someone else puts you to bed at night. When I got home last night I just went beside your crib and just stroke your sweet little face and told you I loved you.

The pictures below are some of my favorite with you and your Poppa. You can tell by the look in his face how much he loved you. Last night at the visitation, about everyone we talked about said that he was always talking about you. I love you Abbyroo!



Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dear Lucas,

Dear Lucas,

Oh my goodness we are getting excited for your arrival! I feel you move inside of me everyday and just can’t wait to lay my eyes on your sweet little face and hold you in my arms. I know your sister, Abby is getting excited too. Each night she rubs my belly and we talk about you. She always tries to lift up my shirt and look for you, so I don’t know if she quite understands that you will be here in just a couple of short months! She tries so hard to say Lucas, “Wuwas”.

This evening we were sitting on the couch and I felt you move and I put Abby’s hand on my belly, and you kicked and she looked at me. She immediately put her hand back, so I know she felt you! I don’t know if she knew it was you or not, but she felt something.

We almost have your room cleared out and all of your furniture we ordered has come in, its just a matter of painting and getting your room set up! Were having all of your nursery d├ęcor made by a friend, and can’t wait for it to come in!

I love you Lucas! Can’t wait until June sweet little man :)


Dear Abigail,

Dear Abigail,

Days with you just keep getting better and better. You are absolutely the funniest little thing. You like to take all your clothes off in the living room and run around with just your diaper on. Eventually you will take off your diaper and just want to be naked. If I sit you on the potty you will pee pee in it, and then you give yourself applause. We play peek-a-boo at the dinner table and you just have the most contagious laugh. You will hold your hands over your sweet little face and peek at us between your figners while we are “looking for you” and then you show that sweet little face and bust out in laughter.

We celebrated fat Tuesday this week with some jambalaya and pacski cakes. You ate some grilled chicken and greenbeans. You loved wearing your beads and head piece. You definitely thought you were a sight to see!

You’ve been singing a lot lately. You know the melody to twinkle twinkle little star without question. You struggle with the worlds, but without question we know what you are singing. You have the hand motions down to patty cake and deep and wide. I know you will be singing a song with your daddy before you know it.

You absolutely love, without question, the “mater’s tall tales” DVD. You want to watch it everyday! We practically do too. When it plays the theme song you scream and just get so excited! I ask you if you want to watch mater and you start to scream and clap with excitement. You will sit on my lap and intently watch your show for the full 30 minutes.

You still love preschool. The past couple weeks I have taken you to school and your daddy has picked you up. We pull in the daycare and you pack your stuff off (car toys) and you’re ready to go! You go to your teacher, Ms. G so willingly and don’t even look back. You have made such good friends in there too. Daddy went to pick you up this past week one day and you were playing with blocks with your friend Ty, and he walked in the room and you looked at him and said, “Ah man”. You weren’t quite ready to come home. You wanted to play! It makes me feel so good to know that you have a place that you love with your friends.

You bring so much joy to our lives. Every moment with you is just precious. I love you so much Abbyroo!

Love you!


Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Dear Abigail,

Dear Abbyroo,

Wow you are growing up so fast. I have know this, and have acknowledged it several times in the past few months but it really hit me on Saturday. I went through all of your baby clothes and boxed them all up to give away, 6 boxes full. It was so sad, I just held some of your little clothes and thought of you wearing them, and it just made me smile. I have to admit though, I did save a full diaper box of some of the most special pieces of clothes that I hope to make a quilt out of in the next few years as we collect more special pieces of clothes.

I held your bonnet that you wore your first Sunday at church, the bonnet you wore when we had you dedicated, your sweet little dress that you wear on your first Easter, the sleep that was my favorite. As I went through them all to box up your daddy and I just talked about you already saying, remember when… remember when… You are 19 months old to the day and the time has absolutely flown by.

I just remember when you were so small and I had to do everything for you and I have just watched you turn into this little independent toddler, even little girl.

You are talking so much lately! You have always been a talker, but you will repeat whatever we say the best you can. You will come and kiss my belly each day and say “Wucas”. I can’t wait for you to feel the him kick, for you to meet him and share your sweet kisses with him. I know that you will be the best big sister. I also don’t quite know if you have figured out that “Wucas” is another baby coming to live with us.

You are also getting teeth like crazy now! You have gotten 13 teeth in the past 6 months! You have outgrown all your 18 month clothing, and wearing 24 months and even 2Ts. We took you to your 18 month peds appointment and you are in the 96% in height and 76% in weight. The Ped said that you are just perfect and even a little advanced for your age. You were most definitely showing off for him though showing him all your body parts, and saying your words. You love to show off those muscles, as we all know.

I love you so much Abby! You have a way to melt my heart everyday! You are the most special little girl in this world. I love you Roo!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dear Abigail

Dear Abigail,

You have changed so much in the past several weeks.  You are putting words together and starting to try to communicate more and more.  Your new favorite song to sing is, “Head, shoulders, knees and toes”.  You just love to sing that song and you try to touch your body parts.  Your daddy always helps you when it gets to the, “eyes and ears and mouth and nose”.  You do the motions to the song “Deep and Wide” now.  And you try to move your little fingers when we sing “itsy bittys spider”.  You have the motions to “pat a cake” down pat!  You are such a joy, and just the happiest little girl.
You had another seizure on 01-22-11.  I was so thankful that your daddy and I were both home.  We have got to get these seizures under control!  It is so scary as your mommy.  I feel so helpless.  All I can do is to hold you, talk to you, and stroke your sweet hair while you have the seizure and wait for it to end.  They have increased your medicine so I am hoping that we never have another one!
You got put in the sad spot at daycare for the very first time.  I picked you up, and normally you just run to me as fast as your little body can go.  I came in the door and you just stood there crying.  It took me a minute to find you.  You looked at the teacher and she said you could get out and you came to your mommy.  You immediately stopped crying when I picked you up.  I bet you thought, oh no I really am in trouble, they called my mommy.  We have also started using a time out spot at home when you miss behave.  We put you in time out a few times for swatting your hand at daddy or mommy and you have already stopped for the most part.  You are a quick learner and I think putting you in time out, “made a believer out of you.”  Your such a sweet little girl.  You have the sweetest little heart.
The other day before your daddy took you to daycare you puckered those little lips for mommy to kiss you.  You wanted about 5 kisses before you would let mommy leave.  I love mornings like those.  Mornings where you want to cuddle longer, hug more, kiss more, and just spend extra time with mommy and daddy.  You’re the sweetest.  I love you more than you ever realize.
I say that I love you more than you ever realize, and I know one day when you have a baby, and you hold that precious little child in your arms you will know what I am talking about.  I knew I would love you so much before you were born, but you have no idea. 
We celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday.  It was a school day and daddy picked you up.  I made fettuccini alfredo, chicken, steamed broccoli, and bread.  You ate so much!  To be honest when I fixed your plate, I thought it was a waste of time, but you gobbled it up!  You even topped it off with a small scoop of ice cream. 
Well sweet girl, I look forward to seeing your smiling face in the morning.  Your asleep now and I am soon to follow.   You gave your little brother a kiss this evening.  You love to touch my belly, and lift of my shirt looking for the baby too.  He will be here soon Roo!  You will be the best big sister. 
Love you Roo!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dear Lucas

Dear Lucas,

We are so excited we have decided on a name for you! We wanted it to be just perfect. We wanted something Biblical, masculine, and what we thought described you! Lucas, Luke, The Lukester, not quite sure what we call you, but I do know that I absolutely can’t wait to lay my eyes on your sweet little face.

It just brings joy to my heart every time I feel you move. I pray for you daily, for what you will become, the decisions you make, and that God will start moving in your heart at a young age. I pray you have a heart of service for Jesus and love all people. Your daddy and I will do the best we can to instill these values in you. I pray for the day that you accept Jesus as your Lord and savior, and love Him with your whole heart.

As for now, I will just enjoy every moment with you. It is the most amazing thing in the world to feel you inside of me just moving around. You have your ways of brightening my day and bring a smile to my face. We are well over half way through the pregnancy and you are just as healthy as can be!

Your big sis likes to give you kisses on my belly. I can’t wait for you to meet her. I know you all will fight like cats and dogs, but I know someday when you are adults you will be very close.

You love to listen to your classical music. We put the ear phones on my belly on the way to work and listen for about 10 minutes a couple of times a day. I know you will have a heart for music just like your daddy, mommy and sister. I hope someday you want to learn how to play the piano, and I know your daddy would love to teach you how to play the guitar. I hope that you get your daddy’s singing voice. I can’t carry a tune in a bucket. Your daddy sings songs with your sister every night and I can just picture you with them soon singing along and moving your little hands to the motions.

I love you so much Luke! I can’t wait to you hold you!


Saturday, February 05, 2011

Cute Burp Cloths!

I went on a search today on my fabric shelf for any fabric that I had that didn’t have pink in it. It was rather hard, but I had some owl fabric left over from my camera strap and Abby’s crayon roll that I had recently made. We’re starting to get prepared for the arrival of Lucas and I had some free time today during Abby’s nap that I thought I would make some burp cloths. I think these are super cute!

These are so easy to make.  I cut the chenille and the fabric pieces of 18 x 8.5 rectangles. I placed the fabrics right sides together and pinned them. I sewed all the way around the cloths leaving about 2 ½ - 3 inches to pull the fabric back through its self. I pinned the opening and did a top stitch around the border. I made seven of them so we are getting a start to our collection of burp cloths. I’m sure little Lucas can go through these in a day.

I have to warn you if you make these that the chenille is messy and be prepared to pull out the vacuum cleaner when you finish! Also it is best to prewash the fabric so due to the massive shredding. Happy sewing!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear Junebug

Dear Junebug,

Hopefully we won’t be calling you Junebug much longer. Your daddy and I have been talking about names, and hope to decide on one this week. We are 21 weeks pregnant and it has flown by. You are moving all over and starting to push on my side and make your comfortable. They told me that my placenta was in the front and that I wouldn’t be able to feel you move as much, but You are definitely letting me know your there. You move on my sides and you have started to push some. You prefer me to lay on my right side, which I think is how you are most comfortable.

We had an ultrasound on Monday, and they told us you were a boy! Your daddy and I couldn’t be happier. All your measurements were just perfect, and they said everything was just perfect with you! It looks like I am going to end up in a second c section due to a few concerns with me, but I told them we will do whatever it takes to keep you safe! I can’t wait to meet you and hold my sweet little boy.

I am so thankful that you weren’t shy during the ultrasound. I drank about 10 ounces of orange juice before I left the house, that always gets you moving. As soon as we saw you on the tv, I saw your boy parts, and asked if you were a boy, and the ultrasound tech said well it sure looks like it! I already know that there is something special with little boys and their mommys. I already love you so much!

You were sucking your thumb some during the ultrasound, it almost looked like you saved at us, because you kept moving your arms up and down. You looked so precious in the womb, so safe, so sound, and nothing in the world to harm you. I will try to keep you ask safe and sound as possible as long as I can. I never want anything to harm you or hurt you.

Your sister, Abigail was sitting beside me on the couch this morning and she reached over and rubbed my tummy and said baby. Were trying to teach her how to say brother. I know she is excited about your arrival although she is still so young and doesn’t quite understand what is going on. Your daddy and I hope to look at paint and get started on the nursery in the next few days. We just have to decide on a color! Right now the room is yellow.

Your sister will come over to me and life up my shirt trying to see her. She is actually wearing her “big sister” shirt today, we will get you a little brother shirt soon! I can’t wait until June!

They told me that you weighted a whopping 10 ounces and that your heart rate was 162! I love you Junebug!


Your Mommy

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Update on Abbyroo...

As a parent, you always try and do what is best for your child. There isn’t one thing I wouldn’t do for my sweet Abigail to ensure that she is safe, healthy, felt loved, and that every one of her needs are met. I pray for her all the time. A lot of times I will just wake up in the middle of the night and go get her out of her little crib and rock her and pray for her. She is one of the most things I hope most precious to my heart, along with my husband.

We have had a pretty rough week. Early Monday morning (about 4 or 5) Abby got the croup. As I’m sure you know Croup is a virus and there isn’t anything they can give you to treat the croup, it just has to run its course. They can prescribe a steroid to reduce the swelling in the lungs if your child is wheezing while coughing. Abigail didn’t have any of the wheezing. She was very congested, but breathing very well. I called her pediatrician and we decided that we didn’t need to bring her since, since I had brought her in two times prior for the croup. When you bring them in for croup there it is more “educational” for the parents, than “treatment” for the child. Her croup cough continued through Tuesday but was completely gone by Wednesday and only followed by a normal cough.

We kept her home from daycare of. Wednesday, she just didn’t seem like she felt well. She woke up with a mild temperature of about 100. We just wanted to keep her home and give her extra cuddles and kisses. When we keep her at home Jason and I try to do a split shift with her. He stayed with her in the morning and I stayed with her in the afternoon. Jason told me she didn’t eat very well that morning, but she played, and would drink plenty of fluids. I got home about 12:00 and she was asleep. She woke up around 1:30/2:00 and her temperature was 102. That was the highest her temperature has ever been. I gave her some Tylenol and waited a little bit to see if it would keep her temp down. I also put her in a cool bath. Abby loves the tub and she sure wouldn’t mind to play in there a while. Her temperature stayed down to about 101 with the Tylenol and the tub so once again I ran the ped’s office. They told us we could alternate the Tylenol and the Motrin every two hours. We started alternating the meds and kept her in the tub and her temperature finally broke about 8:30 that evening.

We kept her home again on Thursday and we thought she was doing so much better! The highest temp she had all day long was 100. She ate well this day, played hard, but I think it was just too much for her little body to handle. We figured we would be able to send her to daycare of Friday if the snow stayed away. I never thought I would say it – but I am so thankful that it snowed and that we stayed home!

Abby didn’t eat her breakfast very well at all on Friday morning. She seemed just kind of aggregated and didn’t want anything you offered her. She played well on Friday morning. We were cleaning up and we took some books back to her room, and when we came out, she walked as fast and persistent as she could into the wall. It didn’t knock her over but it sure did thump. She cried and I picked her up and calmed her down. We were finishing picking up her toys and she started throwing a fit. When she throws her fit and falls out, I let her finish. She went on about 3-4 minutes and Jason and I were talking, and he said, she probably just feels bad. I knew she didn’t feel well so I picked her up while she was throwing her fit (which is pretty hazardous with the kicks) and just held her. As soon as I her arms started shaking and she wouldn’t respond to my voice. It only lasted like 20 seconds, I asked Jason, Was that a seizure? We decided it wasn’t that it was just me being paranoid. About 3 minutes later she went into a full blown seizure. I handed her to Jason and I started taking off her little clothes. I ran and got her medicine that were suppose to give her if it lasts more than 5 minutes and had it ready. The seizure lasted 2 ½ minutes, but felt like an eternity. I called the pediatrician and we got an appointment for her to be seen that day. I knew we could get in them the same day, where it would have been a couple days to get in with her neurologist.

She looked good, except for her ears. She has a double ear infection, so he prescribed her some antibiotics. I told Abigail that she was going to have to start telling her mommy when her ears hurt. She is such a trouper when she is sick and rarely complains. It is almost funny she had a double ear infection, only because I had taken her to the doctor so many times wanting him to look at her ears and they were fine. The doctor let me use his scope and look at them and explained to me what I was looking at.   They did a consult with UK neurology and they have doubled the dosage of her seizure medicine (Keppra) in the mornings and left it the same in the evenings, we will go back to neurology for yet another EEG in late Feb or early March. She had lost a whole pound!  They are going to check on her weight here again in a couple weeks, they want to make sure the medicine isn't making her lose her appetite.

I was just so thankful that it snowed yesterday! I’m thankful we were all home. I was so thankful to be with Abby while she had her seizure. I’m thankful we didn’t have to use the medicine to stop it and that it only last 2 ½ minutes. I’m so thankful that my husband was there too to provide comfort to Abigail and to myself during and after the seizure. I’m also so thankful that she was being held while she seized. I can’t imagine going through that and how scared she must get. After her seizure, we cuddled on the couch and she fell asleep. She seemed to be chilled and I covered her up tight and just held her.

I know they don’t know exactly what is causing her seizures, but I am so thankful for the great physician who is ultimately in control. I know that he is going to take care of her and ensure that she is safe. I just love her so much and there isn’t anything in this world I would do for her. We have so many Christian friends that have prayed for her and we know that this too shall pass.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dear Abigail

Dear Abigail,

You have been sick the past couple of days. You broke my heart as I held you yesterday for several hours with your 102.8 temperature. I felt so helpless as a mom. Your daddy stayed with you yesterday morning while I worked, and then I came home about noon. We ended up spending most of our afternoon together with you in the tub. For as bad as you felt you enjoyed your cool bath. You are the sweetest little girl, even when you are sick.

We have been talking more and more with you about your baby brother or sister on the way. I asked you one day last week if you wanted a baby boy or a baby girl, you looked at me in the eyes with the sweetest little voice and said, “nooo”. We read everyday your big sister book and you come and rub my belly and say baby. You will even kiss my belly several times day without me prompting you to do so.

You are starting to say a lot more words and put your words together. You will get your toy phone, and say, “mama bye bye love you”. Its so funny because you love to play with your pretend phone, but when we try and talk with you on the real phone all you want to do is push the buttons and hang out. Your daddy dropped something while we were sitting on the couch and you reached down to get it and handed it back to him and said, “got it”.

You love to play with your little kitchen lately. We put it in the kitchen so you could cook while mommy makes dinner in the evenings. You take your food in and out of the microwave and pretend to eat it. You hold it up to your mouth and say, “yum yum yum” and smack your little lips together.

I am just in awe of you and how much I love you. I knew as soon as we were pregnant that I would love you more than anything, and I loved you the moment I found out I was pregnant. When you have a baby and hold him or her in your arms, you just know that you would do anything in the world for that baby, and that you love it so much, but that love grows. It doesn’t seem possible but it grows. You are the best part of my day, and the sunshine of my life. I love you to pieces baby girl! I hope that you feel better soon! I know you are receiving double and triple kisses from both your daddy and I.



Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Update on Roo

We had our follow up with neurology today at the Neuroscience institute at UK. We weren’t able to see her regular doctor there (Dr. Farzan) but were able to see Dr. McCoy. She was able to spend quite a bit of time with us and talk to us about Abigail. She said several things that really helped me understand things more and not question so much their decision for medication. She was wonderful and helped us as parents be more at peace with Abigail’s disorder.

Abigail was diagnosed with unprovoked partial seizure disorder, which are seizures associated with epilepsy. They came up with these diagnoses based on the fact that her limps didn’t shake during the seizure. The only movement in her body was her hands, and she had a spaced out look and was unresponsive. Her first episode of seizures they said they were probably febrile seizures even though she didn’t have a fever, due to her having an “illness” when she had the seizures. This time she had a virus, so we figured it was still a febrile seizure. The doctor told us that children with seizure disorders are more prone to have seizures when they are sick and their immunities are down. I almost think at this point I will be able to spot if she is going to have the seizure. I am so thankful that I blogged about her last episodes so I am able to remember the things that led up to the seizure.

We are so thankful for Abigail, and it is just amazing how God uses things like this to teach us and make us stronger. We just pray for daily and trust God that she will be safe and healthy. They are going to keep her on her medication for one year. At the end of the year they will do another EEG and if it is normal then they will see if she is able to come off of her medication. We have a follow up again in 6 months. Thank you so much for your prayers! We have definitely felt them!