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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dear Abigail,

My sweet Abigail,

This first month with you had absolutely flown by! You are one month old! Happy One month birthday! Your favorite activities right now are stretching, drinking your bottle, and kicking your legs on your play mat. You will lie on your play mat and kick your little chubby legs and hit the toys. You have so much fun doing this and make the most precious noises I have ever heard while kicking.

I love being on maternity leave with you, we get to spend all our time together, and I am spoiling you rotten I know. We took you to church last week. You looked so precious in your pink plaid outfit and your sweet summer bonnet that a lady from church got you. We kept you up in the sanctuary and you slept the whole time. I think I even heard a few little sleep snores from you. I hope you were having sweet dreams. I don’t want you ever to have anything hurt you or make you sad. If it was up to me I would just put you in a bubble and nothing bad would ever happen to you.

I still get nervous driving with you in the car. We always go slowly, but you love looking at yourself in the mirror we have hanging for you. When your daddy is with us I will sit in the back of the car with you. You have already decided that you are a daddy’s girl. You love this special spot on his chest. You will lay there for hours and he will just sit there and smile. Well Sweet girl, let’s try and slow down the time, you are already changing and growing so fast. I feel like I am going to blink and you will be talking and walking. I love you more everyday if that is even possible. Know that you are beautifully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139).

PS: Your first peds appointment was on August 3rd at 5 days old you weighed 7 lbs 2.8 oz, your head measured 34 cm.

Your last peds appointment was on August 14, and you were 16 whole days old! You were 20.5 inches long and weighed 7 lbs 10 oz. The ped said you were just perfect, however we already knew that!

Love you!

Mommy :-)

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