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Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas Wreath

We made our Christmas wreath today!  It took a little longer than I thought it would, but while Abbyroo was down for a nap I made and finished it.  So it prob took about an hour and a half. 

To start I used a floral wreath.  I bought a large roll of Christmas ribbon, and also floral hooks. 

I wrapped the ribbon all the way around the wreath.  This step wasn't I guess necessary, but I wanted to make sure that all of the green was covered.  I guess you could spray paint it if you wanted to.

This is what the finished wrapped wreath looks like.

I used 3 different kinds of ribbon, plus the ribbon I used for wrapping the wreath, so I had 4 different patterns of ribbon.  I cut it into strips about 5-6 inches each.  To be honest I didn't measure them, and they were all not the same length.  I wrapped each cut ribbon into a circle and used the floral pin to pin the ribbon onto the wreath.

I pinned them about as close as I could get them to each other.  Also all my ribbon was "wired", it gave it a good texture.

I started by going all the way around the top.  I also pinned the ribbon into the insides and outsides of the wreath. 

This is my finished project!  Right before I heard my sweet little girl talking in her crib telling me she was awake.

We hug it on our door and are admiring our work!

This was the first piece of Christmas decor we have hung up :) 

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  1. That's cool. I need to try that;) I'd probably find a way to mess it up though...lol:)