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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Dear Abigail,

My sweet Abbyroo,

I ask myself at least once a day, where has the time gone? You were 15 months this past Friday, and it feels like you should just be 15 weeks old. You have grown up so much in the past few months, and turned into such a little girl. You are changing daily. Your hair has grown so much, you are getting tall, and you’re fitting well into your size 18 month clothes. You go to your 15 month peds appointment on Monday. I look forward to seeing how much you weigh and how tall you are. I know that the doctor is going to tell us that you are just perfect!

You are a child that loves to show us how you feel. You wear your expressions on your shoulders. When you are happy you light up ear to ear, and when you are sad, you pucker those lips and you let us know. You hug us all the time. You try and kiss us, by sticking out your tongue and giving a little lick. After you lick our cheek you make a little smacking noise. It is just precious. Your hugs make my day. Your daddy and I will be on the floor playing with you, and I will lean over and hug on daddy and rub his chest and you try to get me off of him so you can lay your head on his chest.

You are saying a lot of new words lately. Some of your new words are “up”, “Book”, “Thank you”, “Shoe” and “bath”. You are saying a lot of other words but these are the ones you use often. You say thank you a whole lot now. You will say it when I give you something, and also when you give me something. You say it more like “Dank Du” though. You will come up to me while I am washing the dishes or doing something in the kitchen and lift your arms up and say “up”. You want to be in the action, see what mommy and daddy are doing. You love to say “book”. You love to read, and if we ask you to get a book, you will run back into your room and either gets your “Mother for Chaco” book or your “That’s not my penguin” book, those 2 are your favorites.  I try to read you your "I'm a big sister" book at least once a day. 

You melt my heart about everyday by something that you do, but recently after bath time you will sit on my lap and I will use the hair dryer on your hair. A couple of times you have gotten your hair brush and brushed my hair. You were just as gentle as could be. You love your bath time. I ask if you if you want to take a bath and you say “yes” and go to the bathroom. You have a sweet little sound you make when you want something, is like the word yes, but it is more of a mumble that starts low and gets higher. I will definitely have to get that on video. The only thing that you love more than bath time is being outside. We don’t really have any outside toys in the backyard yet besides your swing and wagon. You will find to rocks and think that they are the best things to play with. The other day you found a stick and kept putting it in a bucket and getting it back out. You also like to pick up leaves and our back yard has a plenty of them right now!

This past Saturday we put you down for your nap and your daddy and I were on the couch and we could hear you talking. Your daddy went back there and you were sitting up in your bed playing with your glowworn. Daddy asked you what you were doing and you laid your little head back down and went to sleep. I think you are too smart for your own good. I ask you if you need a diaper change and you go to where we change your diaper. I’m not quite sure what it is about the basket on the end table though you won’t ever leave it alone. You love to get daddy’s keys out of there and head to the door. You try your best to get one key and reach it to the door knob. We ask you to bring the keys to us, but you won’t, but you will put them back in the basket. I’m not sure why you won’t bring us something we ask, you will only put it back where you got it. You are such a helper girl though. You love to be in the center of what we are doing. Daddy was unloading bottles of water into the fridge this evening and you stood there and handed him all 24 bottles to put in the fridge. It took you all about 10 minutes to load the water, but you sure had fun helping your daddy.

You have always like music, but the past couple months you have been doing the cutest little dance. I call it your step dance, because that is basically what it is, little tiny steps very fast. Where we have hardwood floors in our house you can hear yourself walk, and you will be standing there and some music to a show will come on you will start your dancing. It is so funny; it has made me laugh out loud. Not only because you are so cute doing it, but because you get the cheesiest little grin on your face because you know that it is something fun.

Your daddy has taught you how to “tickle” my feet. I will lie on the couch and put my feet on your daddy’s lap, and several times he has helped you tickle my feet and I just “laugh and laugh and laugh”. You think it is so funny. Now, you will come tickle my feet on your own, which is quite often, because my shoes come off as soon as I walk in the house. You laugh so hard as soon as you get your hands on my feet to try and tickle them. 

We went trick or treating this past weekend and you had so much fun.  Your cousins came over and went around the neighborhood with us.  You and Anderson rode in the wagon most of the time.  You kept getting Anderson's candy and taking it all out of his bucket, and putting it back in.  I was proud that you didn't try and eat the candy, you were just content taking it out and putting it back in.  You were the cutest little lady bug I have ever seen, and I have the pictures to prove it! 

You are just precious Abigail. I can’t believe how much you have grown. These 15 months have flown by; I know that the next letter I write you I will talk about how quickly time has passed. I showed you something pink and something blue the other day and asked you if we were having a little boy or a little girl, you grabbed the pink item. You may be right Abby, and we may have us a sweet little girl in June. I guess we will find out right after Christmas what we are having! Boy or girl though, you will be the best big sister anyone could ever have. I love you!

Mommy :-*

PS: You love my chicken pot pie :-)

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  1. So precious, Lesley! I know this probably wasn't meant for my eyes (which are wet with tears, thank you very much!:) but I just had to read. Time just truly flies, doesn't it? My little man will be 1 in a week and I can't quite wrap my head around it. If only they could stay little forever...