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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear Junebug

Dear Junebug,

Hopefully we won’t be calling you Junebug much longer. Your daddy and I have been talking about names, and hope to decide on one this week. We are 21 weeks pregnant and it has flown by. You are moving all over and starting to push on my side and make your comfortable. They told me that my placenta was in the front and that I wouldn’t be able to feel you move as much, but You are definitely letting me know your there. You move on my sides and you have started to push some. You prefer me to lay on my right side, which I think is how you are most comfortable.

We had an ultrasound on Monday, and they told us you were a boy! Your daddy and I couldn’t be happier. All your measurements were just perfect, and they said everything was just perfect with you! It looks like I am going to end up in a second c section due to a few concerns with me, but I told them we will do whatever it takes to keep you safe! I can’t wait to meet you and hold my sweet little boy.

I am so thankful that you weren’t shy during the ultrasound. I drank about 10 ounces of orange juice before I left the house, that always gets you moving. As soon as we saw you on the tv, I saw your boy parts, and asked if you were a boy, and the ultrasound tech said well it sure looks like it! I already know that there is something special with little boys and their mommys. I already love you so much!

You were sucking your thumb some during the ultrasound, it almost looked like you saved at us, because you kept moving your arms up and down. You looked so precious in the womb, so safe, so sound, and nothing in the world to harm you. I will try to keep you ask safe and sound as possible as long as I can. I never want anything to harm you or hurt you.

Your sister, Abigail was sitting beside me on the couch this morning and she reached over and rubbed my tummy and said baby. Were trying to teach her how to say brother. I know she is excited about your arrival although she is still so young and doesn’t quite understand what is going on. Your daddy and I hope to look at paint and get started on the nursery in the next few days. We just have to decide on a color! Right now the room is yellow.

Your sister will come over to me and life up my shirt trying to see her. She is actually wearing her “big sister” shirt today, we will get you a little brother shirt soon! I can’t wait until June!

They told me that you weighted a whopping 10 ounces and that your heart rate was 162! I love you Junebug!


Your Mommy

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