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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Update on Roo

We had our follow up with neurology today at the Neuroscience institute at UK. We weren’t able to see her regular doctor there (Dr. Farzan) but were able to see Dr. McCoy. She was able to spend quite a bit of time with us and talk to us about Abigail. She said several things that really helped me understand things more and not question so much their decision for medication. She was wonderful and helped us as parents be more at peace with Abigail’s disorder.

Abigail was diagnosed with unprovoked partial seizure disorder, which are seizures associated with epilepsy. They came up with these diagnoses based on the fact that her limps didn’t shake during the seizure. The only movement in her body was her hands, and she had a spaced out look and was unresponsive. Her first episode of seizures they said they were probably febrile seizures even though she didn’t have a fever, due to her having an “illness” when she had the seizures. This time she had a virus, so we figured it was still a febrile seizure. The doctor told us that children with seizure disorders are more prone to have seizures when they are sick and their immunities are down. I almost think at this point I will be able to spot if she is going to have the seizure. I am so thankful that I blogged about her last episodes so I am able to remember the things that led up to the seizure.

We are so thankful for Abigail, and it is just amazing how God uses things like this to teach us and make us stronger. We just pray for daily and trust God that she will be safe and healthy. They are going to keep her on her medication for one year. At the end of the year they will do another EEG and if it is normal then they will see if she is able to come off of her medication. We have a follow up again in 6 months. Thank you so much for your prayers! We have definitely felt them!

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