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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dear Abigail

Dear Abigail,

You have changed so much in the past several weeks.  You are putting words together and starting to try to communicate more and more.  Your new favorite song to sing is, “Head, shoulders, knees and toes”.  You just love to sing that song and you try to touch your body parts.  Your daddy always helps you when it gets to the, “eyes and ears and mouth and nose”.  You do the motions to the song “Deep and Wide” now.  And you try to move your little fingers when we sing “itsy bittys spider”.  You have the motions to “pat a cake” down pat!  You are such a joy, and just the happiest little girl.
You had another seizure on 01-22-11.  I was so thankful that your daddy and I were both home.  We have got to get these seizures under control!  It is so scary as your mommy.  I feel so helpless.  All I can do is to hold you, talk to you, and stroke your sweet hair while you have the seizure and wait for it to end.  They have increased your medicine so I am hoping that we never have another one!
You got put in the sad spot at daycare for the very first time.  I picked you up, and normally you just run to me as fast as your little body can go.  I came in the door and you just stood there crying.  It took me a minute to find you.  You looked at the teacher and she said you could get out and you came to your mommy.  You immediately stopped crying when I picked you up.  I bet you thought, oh no I really am in trouble, they called my mommy.  We have also started using a time out spot at home when you miss behave.  We put you in time out a few times for swatting your hand at daddy or mommy and you have already stopped for the most part.  You are a quick learner and I think putting you in time out, “made a believer out of you.”  Your such a sweet little girl.  You have the sweetest little heart.
The other day before your daddy took you to daycare you puckered those little lips for mommy to kiss you.  You wanted about 5 kisses before you would let mommy leave.  I love mornings like those.  Mornings where you want to cuddle longer, hug more, kiss more, and just spend extra time with mommy and daddy.  You’re the sweetest.  I love you more than you ever realize.
I say that I love you more than you ever realize, and I know one day when you have a baby, and you hold that precious little child in your arms you will know what I am talking about.  I knew I would love you so much before you were born, but you have no idea. 
We celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday.  It was a school day and daddy picked you up.  I made fettuccini alfredo, chicken, steamed broccoli, and bread.  You ate so much!  To be honest when I fixed your plate, I thought it was a waste of time, but you gobbled it up!  You even topped it off with a small scoop of ice cream. 
Well sweet girl, I look forward to seeing your smiling face in the morning.  Your asleep now and I am soon to follow.   You gave your little brother a kiss this evening.  You love to touch my belly, and lift of my shirt looking for the baby too.  He will be here soon Roo!  You will be the best big sister. 
Love you Roo!

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