"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about." ~Angela Schwindt~

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dear Abigail,

Dear Abigail,

Days with you just keep getting better and better. You are absolutely the funniest little thing. You like to take all your clothes off in the living room and run around with just your diaper on. Eventually you will take off your diaper and just want to be naked. If I sit you on the potty you will pee pee in it, and then you give yourself applause. We play peek-a-boo at the dinner table and you just have the most contagious laugh. You will hold your hands over your sweet little face and peek at us between your figners while we are “looking for you” and then you show that sweet little face and bust out in laughter.

We celebrated fat Tuesday this week with some jambalaya and pacski cakes. You ate some grilled chicken and greenbeans. You loved wearing your beads and head piece. You definitely thought you were a sight to see!

You’ve been singing a lot lately. You know the melody to twinkle twinkle little star without question. You struggle with the worlds, but without question we know what you are singing. You have the hand motions down to patty cake and deep and wide. I know you will be singing a song with your daddy before you know it.

You absolutely love, without question, the “mater’s tall tales” DVD. You want to watch it everyday! We practically do too. When it plays the theme song you scream and just get so excited! I ask you if you want to watch mater and you start to scream and clap with excitement. You will sit on my lap and intently watch your show for the full 30 minutes.

You still love preschool. The past couple weeks I have taken you to school and your daddy has picked you up. We pull in the daycare and you pack your stuff off (car toys) and you’re ready to go! You go to your teacher, Ms. G so willingly and don’t even look back. You have made such good friends in there too. Daddy went to pick you up this past week one day and you were playing with blocks with your friend Ty, and he walked in the room and you looked at him and said, “Ah man”. You weren’t quite ready to come home. You wanted to play! It makes me feel so good to know that you have a place that you love with your friends.

You bring so much joy to our lives. Every moment with you is just precious. I love you so much Abbyroo!

Love you!


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