"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about." ~Angela Schwindt~

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dear Abigail,

Dear Abigail,

You have grown up so much the past month.  You have become such a loving sweet little girl, who just loves and cares for her brother.  You have adjusted so well to him coming home, and you are such a helper girl with him.  You love to give him kisses and hugs, and for some reason you feel the need to touch his face and head often.  You are loving and gentle towards him and you call him “your bubby”.  You have called him Lucas a couple times, but mostly you call him bubby.

You also right now like to be the center of attention and the life of the party.  We went to our neighborhood cookout and you didn’t know 90 percent of the people there, but you made friends quick wanting to give everyone hugs.  You would walk around while we were eating dinner and just say “hi guys” as loud as you could.  For dinner you had a hotdog and it was off the bun all cut up and had your bun on the side.  I think it is so funny, but you loaded your French fries up on your bun and ate them like a hot dog.  You were very proud of your creation and gobbled it right up.

We’ve created a “good girl board” on our wall for you.  We give you stickers when you get ready well, or pick up your toys, eat your dinner well, or get ready for bed without a fuss.  You are so proud of your board.  You will go to it and point to where it says good girl, and say “good girl, that’s Abby” and then pat your little chest.  You put your stickers up there with such enthusiasm and accomplish.  Once your sticker goes on the board you want us all to clap and call you a good girl, which you are.

You are absolutely obsessed with blue’s clues now.  We DVR them and watch an episode when you get home from daycare.  You walk in, bring me the remote, and ask me to turn it on.  When the episode is over you do the sign language and ask for “more clues”.  Your little eyes just light up when they sing their music to the show and when the clues come on.  You point to the TV and yell, “clue clue”.   So sweet.  

I never knew my heart could love someone as much as I love you.  I love you so incredibly much and it just grows and grows.  I hope you always have such a sweet giving little heart that you do right now.  You are so concerned with the well being of others.  If we sneeze you say bless you, if we cough you ask us if we are “kokay”.  When your bubby cries you look at him with concerns and say, “don’t cry bubby, don’t cry, its kokay”.  I pray for you every day that you resist the evils in this world and love Jesus.  You most definitely love going to church at this time in your life, but it’s not about going to church, it’s about loving Jesus and accepting him as your Lord and savior.  I love you baby girl… You will always be my baby girl. 

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