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Monday, June 14, 2010

Handprints on the Wall

So I can’t believe we are planning a birthday party! Wow it has been almost a year already – are you kidding me? My baby little girl is 10 1/2 months old. I just wonder where the time gone? That is why I take so many pictures – because I don’t want to forget anything! Her first smile, giggle, slobber lick on my cheek, first roll over, pull up, and yes, 1st step!

I started going through all the pictures that I have taken of Abigail to make a slide show of her first year. This is a very hard process because I have so many of her. I am not going to list how many because it is rather embarrassing, but to be honest, I don’t put all the ones I take of her on Facebook – ha ha, I am sure that you are laughing with me because there are hundreds and hundreds on my FB page. The hard part of this slideshow video is going to be finding the perfect song. Wow, what a challenge. I have had several that have come to mind, but this is a hard decision. We will make it into a DVD for Abbyroo as a gift, and hopefully show this at her first birthday party. Hopefully I will find the perfect song – Do you have any recommendations? I am figuring that the song is going to last about 4 ½ minutes, and with each picture for 3 seconds…so that would be 90 pictures right? I had Jason configure that out for me, he can do all that in his head! I’m a social worker, we aren’t good at math! Maybe we will do a couple of songs, but I would really like to keep the video about 5 minutes.

So I have ordered Abigail’s birthday outfit, I am starting on looking around for decorations, but we have decided on doing a homemade personalized birthday sign with my new cricut expression, along with cupcake toppers and our invitations. We have decided to have her birthday party at the Bull Golf Course in their party room in the pro shop, due to space. Even with immediate family only our house is a little wee small to seat people comfortably, especially on a hot July afternoon. I couldn’t be more excited for this little girl to get all the attention she desires on her special day – we have already ordered her birthday presents, and I can’t wait to give them to her. I told Jason that he should keep them in his office at work so that I wouldn’t be tempted to give them to her. We’re are thinking about getting her one year old professional pictures done a couple of weeks prior to her birthday so we will have one to have framed at her party. So we figure, for 1st year – the simpler the better. We want a fun afternoon with friends and family that have played a special part in her life.

I treasure every day with her, every moment, every second, they are all so precious.

Chorus to Kenny Rogers song, Handprints on the wall:

“Days go by so quickly;
Summer turns to fall.
Seemed like only yesterday,
That you began to crawl.
So don't be afraid to take that step,
I'll catch you when you fall.
An' I don't mind if you leave behind,
A few handprints on the wall.”

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