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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Croup Croup Croup

These pictures were taken yesterday, and looking back at them now, Abby doesn’t seem as full of life as she normally is. She woke up last night about 11:00 AM with a horrible cough. It sounded like a seal, or even a barking dog. It was very distinct in sound and it made her sound absolutely pitiful. I was up later than normal because I didn’t have to work the following day and I went in her room, hugged and rocked her for a while. Jason got the vaporizer down from the closet. We thought that would help with her conjestion and coughing noise. I got her back to sleep and she coughed on and off thorough out the night. This early morning I pulled her into bed with me and we sleep together till about 8:00. She sounded so pitiful and it brought tears to my eyes. When she cried she sounded horse. I feel like this came on all of a sudden. I called her pediatrician at 8:00 this morning when his office opened and he wanted us to bring her right in. He prescribed her a steroid. He said that it is caused as the result of a virus so antibiotics wouldn’t help it. He told us to keep the vaporizer running, and to turn our bathroom into a sauna steam room if she continues to have trouble breathing.

What broke my heart was how scared Abigail looked. She seemed frightened that she couldn’t breathe normally, much less take her bottle without having to grasp for air. We are so blessed with this little angel and we are very fortunate that she hasn’t been sick that much. So around 10:00 AM Abigail seemed to be fine and normal. No coughing and her congestion was clear, however our pediatrician told us that it will last 3-5 days, and that tonight will more than likely be worse than the night prior, we put her down to bed about 7:30 and she has already woke up 3 times coughing. I hope that she gets some rest this evening. Also the steroid that she is on makes her really hungry, kind of agitated. She took one nap in the morning and was up all afternoon. He said the medicine would probably make her not want to sleep, and I think she is proving him right. I’m praying for a speedy recovery – she is too sweet to feel sick!

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