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Friday, September 10, 2010

Separation anxiety…

Well I couldn’t be more excited about going on vacation. It was so wonderful to change my voicemail message at work, my out of office auto reply to emails, and to write on my board beside my door that I would be returning to work on September 27. Yay...

I just checked the 10 day forecast and it looks like we are in store for clear sunny skies with 85 degree weather. We still haven’t decided which day we are leaving yet. Our hotel check in is 4:00 on Monday. We have debated on leaving Sunday after church about 3:00, travel a couple of hours, stop for dinner and get Abby in her pj’s, and hoping she would sleep the rest of the way there and get there by midnight, and stay an extra evening. Our other option is waking up early on Monday morning and traveling all day. So we still don’t know, and we honestly may not know until Sunday what were going to do.

I’ve started putting things on our guest bed to pack but I’m positive we will forget something. Jason keeps reminding me that they have grocery stores and Wal-Mart’s in South Carolina. Just have to remember the important things: Jason, Abby, contacts & glasses. Everything else we can get while we are there

I’ve decided to only take my point and shoot camera. I am absolutely in love with my DSLR Nikon, however it can become a distraction. Its big, I focus and set it all manually, and with a one year old it can be hard to use. I just want to enjoy every moment of being there, soak up the moments and use my baby Nikon point and shoot camera to capture the memories. I am positive that I will go through separation anxiety, and will probably be wishing I had it several times on the trip, however I will love the moments I capture on the baby Nikon. I think I keep going on about this, because I am still having to convenience myself not to take it… haha, we will see what happens.

I went to Wal-Mart today to pick up some of the things we would need, suntan lotion, disposable sippy cups, trail mix, and Mickey Mouse Club House DVD. I went down the clearance isle while I was there, as I always do and saw that they had some beach towels, originally 7.50 which didn’t have a reduced price marked on them. I put them in my buggy and when I checked out told her I wanted to know how much they were before she rang them up – they ran up $7.00, I told her never mind, that wasn’t much of a discount for September for beach towels in a clearance isle – the lady said, your right, I can give them to you for $3.00 a piece. I was so happy, so Abbyroo now has 2 additional beach towels, toy story & Disney princess. What a bargain.

I'm ready to smell the ocean, to feel the sand between my toes, to take walks on the beach, see the sunrise, feel the breeze, and collect seashells with Abby.  We plan on going to the aquarium while were there, take a boat ride to Fort Sumter, see the Yorktown, visit the market, and hopefully see some dolphins!  So were off, either Sunday or Monday with a car load of beach chairs, sand buckets, bathing suits, beach towels, Tylenol, teething tablets, lots of giggles, smiles, and wonderful road trip moments. I can’t wait for Abbyroo to see the ocean.

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