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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Well, its official...

Well it is official, Abbyroo is a toddler. I was given notice from her daycare yesterday that she would be transitioning to the toddler room at daycare. This room is considered a preschool, they have a daily schedule along with a monthly calendar of things they are learning and class participation activities. They work on colors, numbers, have song time, and line up for snack. Let me just tell you that this mommy is nervous! I went in there today and the children in this room seem so much older than my sweet little Abbyroo. The director, Shanna and I were talking and I asked her if she was sure that Abby was ready for this?!? I just can’t picture her standing in line, wearing her tennis shoes all day, and not having her 3:00 bottle! I can’t picture her not sleeping in a crib, walking to the cafeteria for lunch, and going out to the play ground two times daily.

I hardly sleep last night. I felt like I was starting my first day of school today. I was nervous for her, however I know that she will be happy to play with the new toys. I went through the same thing when she transitioned into the second nursery that she is in now. It’s hard letting her grow up. I held her on my lap for the whole 10 seconds she would let me hold and hug on her, and I looked over to Jason and said, I just want her to stay little. He said, part of the joy of being a parent is watching your children grow up, and there are going to be so many special times as she grows. So my little girl is growing up.

So tomorrow she will be in her new room all day long. Her current teacher when I talked to her today was choked up when she talked about Abby leaving her room. Yesterday when I picked her up, the afternoon teacher talked about how much they would miss her that she was such a happy child. I walked in there today, and there were 4 other kids in the room. They were all sitting on the floor playing and I could hear Abbyroo singing. She loves to sing and clap. They said she would truly be missed, however lucky for them she will be right down the hall.

I think she is going to miss her friends in this room. There is one little girl in there, that also refuses to take the 9:30 AM nap, and the teacher has told me, that they will lay in their beds, and one the lights turn out, they will talk and laugh at each other. Ms. I had to move Abbyroo’s crib out from the wall because Abby liked to reach up and flicker the light switch. Such sweet moments with her, I just want to bottle this time up and never forget.

Oh how she has changed in these last 14 months…
This is my goof troop now!

This was taken when Abbyroo was one day old!

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