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Friday, October 29, 2010

$2.00 well spent - Happy Fall!

Well I have to give credit, where credit is due.  I kind of stole the idea of making a wreath out of corn husks from http://www.howdoesshe.com/corn-husk-wreath-tutorial website.  I thought this was a very cute clever way to make a very inexpensive wreath.  I knew it wouldn’t last year to year, but thought it would be a very inexpensive project.  I am very cheap person, always looking for a bargain and a way to save a dime, so instead of buying the corn husks as she recommends form the Mexican food store, we have a very good friend that is a farmer that said he would get me some corn husks.  He insistent that it would be no problem.  So the total cost for this wreath for me was $2.00!  I think that is a bargain, and to be honest I was going to follow the directions that were provided in the tutorial that I listed the link for, but as I started working, I liked the way that this turned out and looked better.  So, if you can get a hold of some corn husks, or if you want to buy some for about $5 at the Mexican food store, this is a must!  I can’t wait to put up my new wreath after the trick or theaters are done on Saturday.  Bring on Thanksgiving and Turkey!
I know that these corn husks look nasty, but they turned into a beautiful fall wreath!
These were the corn Husks we used.

You will Need to purchase a foam wreath, and some Floral Pins.  The wreath you can purchase these at the dollar store, and the Pins you can get in the floral part at Walmart for $1.00

You can get them other places too, but of course Walmart is the cheapest.

I put all the corn Husks in the sick and rinsed them in Cold water.  They are realy still until they soak in water for at least 30-45 seconds.  They start to give then.  I used just regular siccors to put the end of the corn husk off so that the pieces of the husk fell part.

This is one of the Husk sections.  I took one section and folded it in half from top to bottom, and then folded it over.  So it was folded into a quarter of the size.  You may have to trin the bottoms off, I did this after it was folded.

I used the floral pins and pined 2-3 husks onto the wreath.  I did the top of the wreath first.

I also pined them to the inside of the wreath so all the foam would be hidden.

I actually did the entire top before I did the inside, because I wanted to make sure I had enough husks, but it wouldn't matter which order you went in.

After I did the inside I did the outside of the wreath.

Wala!  I kinda made a little bow at the bottom right, just did the same pattern and circuled it all the way around.  I thought it turned out pretty!  We will be putting this on our door after the trick or treater's leave!  Happy Fall!

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