"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about." ~Angela Schwindt~

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dear Abbyroo

Dear Abigail,

You are truly the most precious thing in the world to me. I just look at you and wonderful how you could get any sweeter, any more beautiful, and any kinder hearted. You made our Christmas this year so delightful. Everything was so excited, so joyful, and such a “wow” moment for you. You woke up about 7:30 on Christmas morning and came to the living room to see what Santa brought you. We gave you your sippy cup of milk and made you some pancakes before we opened your presents. Of course your most favorite thing to play with was the packaging and the wrapping paper. Someday when you have children, remember it isn’t about the money you spend on them, because they will be happy with anything you give them. We got you many things, but your favorite was an ocean – Melissa and Doug puzzle. You got to write Santa a letter, leave food out for his reindeer and leave him some cookies. You embrace everything that you do, everything is just fun.

This morning I heard you in your room talking this morning, and I went in there and you had thrown up in your crib. You were covered from head to toe and your sheet was completely saturated. I went in there and you were just sitting in the middle of your bed not saying a word. You looked so pitiful. I took you to the bathroom and gave you a bath. I never want you to hurt or feel bad. I just want you to be happy, safe, and just perfect.

We have had a lot of snow lately. Your daddy bought you a sled which you absolutely adore. You have so much fun being pulled around the yard and going doing the slope on the side of the house. You are definitely a snow bunny – I told Jason that I hope we get a lot of snow this year since you like it so much. I love to hear you laugh, and you laugh almost constantly while we are on the sled.

You continue to amaze me in how smart you are. You have taken off in using your sign language and learning new words every day. You know several animal noises (dog, cow, snake, cat) and several others. I also ask you what sound does daddy makes and you make a farting noise with your mouth. You know two colors, purple and green. You know all your body parts, and when I ask you where your muscles are you act like your flexing them and go grrrr. It is so cute. I ask you where Abigail is, and you put your chest, I ask you where the baby is and you’re come over and rub my belly.

I love you more every day. I don’t quite know how that is possible, but I do. I held you on my lap this evening and just scratched your little head. For some reason you love for me to lightly scratch your head. You gave me several hugs and kisses. I wrapped you up for bed and you always say night, night. Your daddy will walk you down the hall to put you in your crib and he always stops at the closet and you do “I Love you in sign language” the best you can. You say: bye, bye, night, night, love, you. It melts my heart. You starting putting all those words together last week before bedtime.

I love you Abbyroo. Were about to start a new year together, it is hard for me to believe that it is 2011, I look forward to all the memories’ we will make.



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