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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Same sweet features

So I have always thought that I had a very photogenic child.  For mother's day while I was pregnant, Jason got me a 4-d ultra sound to get pictures of Abigail prior to birth.  I remember signing a release while I was there that they had the rights to the photos and could use them for promotional adds and advertisements.  Today when we went for our 12 week doctor's appointment for June bug we were sitting in the waiting room waiting on the ultra sound tech, I picked up the Kids' directory.  Turned to page 7 and looked at the add for the Fetal Photography center and low and behold there was my sweet little Abigail, picture #3.  I looked at it and said, "Jason look at that picture" and he said "that's Abigail!!!"  She took great pictures even before she was born.  Love her so much and it amazes me how she still has those same sweet features. 

December edition of the kids' directory, Abbyroo is the 3rd picture over. 

Abbyroo's 4-d Ultrasound picture

Abbyroo today :)

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