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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Looking foward to seconds...

I absolutely loved taking time off this week from work. I was able to take off Wednesday through Friday, and our offices are closed on Monday because of Memorial Day. Jason was able to take a half a day off work on Friday because there was a scramble going on at the golf course, so we decided to take Abigail to Boyd Orchards to pick some strawberries. While we were there we were able to see some roasters and goats.
Abigail hadn’t ever seen either so she was pretty amazed at the interesting creatures. She wanted to get on her tip toes so she could see everything! Abigail had a scoop of ice-cream, I got a strawberry sundae and Jason enjoyed a piece of apple pie. We were able to relax, sit in the rockers, play on the play ground and best of all – eat some strawberries. I wish Abigail wasn’t allergic to them – we gave them to her one time and she got little bumps all of her cheeks – all four cheeks that is, on her little face and her bottom. We will give them to her again when she is older, but for now, we won’t! It was a wonderful afternoon and we look forward to going back here in a few weeks for seconds.

They did sale an amazing product there for $4.99 - it is a strawberry slicer:  You use this - and get this!  Wonderful :-)

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