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Thursday, May 13, 2010

RIP Molly

I bought Molly in June of 2005 for Jason and gave her to him for a father’s day gift. They were inseparable from the start. She immediately started going to the golf course with him and became the golf course dog. She was very smart and trainable. She was able to sit, roll over, lay down, and even give a high five. I have a video of her posted on my face book page doing her high five trick.

I guess we were wrong in telling the doctor’s when we were in the hospital a few weeks ago with Abigail that seizures didn’t run in our family. Molly has had seizures for several years. She would have one about every three months. The vet told us in the past that medicine would decrease the quality of her life, that she would be fine without medicine as long as she was safe while she was having her seizures.

This evening when we got home from work Jason went out to greet the puppies and Molly was having a seizure. She came out of it in just a few minutes and got up and walked around. Jason turned on the grill to grill and she had another one, however she once again came out of it. We ate dinner as normal and he went out there to check on her and she started having another one. We called the vet and went thought he emergency procedure that they had on their line.

Jason backed his truck up to the fence and I brought out a quilt to put her on. Jason said when they got to the animal hospital she was still seizing, and they gave her some medicine to stop, however she kept seizing. They ended up having to use anesthesia to get her to stop. They did blood work and told us her fever was 106 upon arrival to the hospital.

Jason said that they said she was in epileptic idofile and had brain and organ damage. We made the decision to have her put to sleep. She was a very special part of our lives for the past 5 years, and so wonderful with Abigail. The hard part of all of this was telling the 2 beagles we have that she wasn’t coming home. I think they knew, they barked and howled especially a lot this evening and I think they knew that their doggie sister wasn’t coming home that she was in doggy heaven. RIP Molly! You were so special to us.

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