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Monday, March 22, 2010

Abby's new ride

We were testing out Abigail’s new car seat today. We haven’t put it in the car yet, but we tried it out in the living room. I think that she liked it and that it will of course give her a lot more room. The car seat we currently have only goes to 22 lbs, and I’m pretty sure she is about 20 lbs. Even if she wasn’t at the weight requirements she has met the height requirements and I can hardly get her in and out of the car. I have said it a couple of weeks now that I was going to put it in the car, however I think keeping her in the infant carrier makes me feel like she is still such a little girl. She is growing up way to fast! Hopefully I will be able to post picture soon of her in this car seat in the actual car.

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