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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Wishing I was on vacation...

I am sitting here thinking how I would rather be on a vacation; I am in much need of one! We usually go on vacation in September; however we didn’t go this past year since we had just had Abigail on July 29. However, last year this time Jason and I went on what we referred to as our “baby moon”, kind of our final hara before Abigail came.
It was such a wonderful week and a half away from everything! We drove to Florida [we took 2 days and spent the night in Georgia]. It was kind of amazing because oh our way down to Florida I felt Abigail move for the first time. Well actually move…more than a “flutter”; I knew that it was her. We had stopped at Taco Bell for lunch and as we were sitting at the red light, I just felt her. It was so amazing, I just put my hand on my belly and just thought about her and that she would be here soon. The time on vacation was just perfect. We spent a few days in Florida at a hotel on the beach, and then boarded a week long cruise to Cozumel and then the Cayman Islands. The cruise was a blast! I honestly got tired of people asking me if I wanted an alcoholic beverage, because I obviously looked pregnant!
We had the most wonderful waiter at dinner and a wonderful cabin person that watched over us and made animals out of our towels. We had a window in our room, and we were in the bottom of the ship, so you could every once in a while see the water come up above the window splashing. While we were in the Cayman Islands we got to go a sea turtle farm, a rum cake factory place, & see some dolphins. While we were in Mexico we did a tour of the Mayan ruins.
We were sad that the vacation was over, but when we got back we had our doctor’s appointment to find out the sex of our baby, and how wonderful it was to hear, “it’s a girl!” We plan on taking a vacation this year in September, and I can’t wait for Abigail to see the ocean, to have her little chubby toes in the sand and see her running from the waves. But for now, I will enjoy our time in cold Kentucky, where I am hoping that the sun will make an appe

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