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Friday, October 08, 2010

Dulce de leche... aka very simple apple dip

This is a pretty fancy name for something we don’t consider that fancy. This is the Spanish word for caramelized milk. There are a lot of different ways to make Dulce de leche, and we made it a way, that I’m sure there is a warning – not to do! I’m sure if this was in a book, it would say; please do not try this at home. However I have made this for years, and I know friends and family that have and have never had any trouble. I think the concern is that your can will explode and you will be cleaning Carmel off of the ceiling.

We made this for Apple Dip every fall. It is so good, however oh not so good for you. That is why we only made it once a year, and go on a long walk after every time we eat it. It is so good! You need to try this!!! However if for some reason your can explodes, remember that I did put a disclaimer in the above paragraph.

What you will need: Eagle Brand can of sweetened condensed milk, deep pot, and water. This is it.

Take the wrapper off of your can, put it in a deep pot and make sure that it is covered completely with water.  This is so important that your can is covered completely with water.  Bring water to a boil.  I let this boil for 3 hours, checking it very frequently and adding more water to it.  I think the reason that there are disclaimers in making this is because if you start to dry boil the can, it will explode.  It is sooooo important to have the can covered completely with water throughout the whole process of boiling.

After the can had boiled for 3 hours I just turned off the water and let it sit in there until it was completely boil.  We actually went to the park and ate dinner and then it was cool, I would allow it to cool for at least an hour before trying to handle it.  If you choose to remove it before cooling use tongs and you will need to to let it cool completely before opening your can. 

So I opened my can and wa la, a can of oh so yummy Carmel! 

Very yummy thick Carmel.  This is perfect Apple Dip!

Indulge, I know I will :-)  it is even better the next day, when it has been in the fridge over night. 

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