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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Our Halloween Wreath

Halloween is getting close!  Its funny because I never really cared anything about Halloween until I had a child.  Last year Abigail was a frog, we did trunk or treating at the church and stayed at home and passed out candy on Halloween.  She was the cutest frog ever.  This year she is gonna be a lady bug.  I can't wait to put her costume on her.  I even picked up some black creame face paint to put her a few dots on her face.  Were so excited about Halloween approaching this year!

Abigail and I made the above wreath this evening.  When I was a little girl, my mom and I made a very similar wreath out of white trash bags for Christmas and put a red bow on it.  However in this one, I used black fabric.  How a fun way to help decorate the house for Halloween.  This was a very easy project and something very easy you can do with your kids!

I purchased 2 yards of black fabric.  I bought the cheapest that I could find.  The above fabric was 2.50 a yard with 30% off, so I call that a good deal!  You will also need a wreath frame, I purchased the above one at Hobby Lobby for $1.99.  They have 3-4 different sizes.  This one was the 2nd largest one. 

I found this a lot easier to use my rotary cutter and rotary self healing board for this.  You will need to cut the fabric in 1 in strips.

After all the fabric is cut in one inch strips, you will then in turn cut them in 6 inch strips.  So your strips will be one inch by six inches.  It isn't important that your strips are all the same.  Some of my turned out an inch smaller because I didn't want any extra fabric.  I think the last one one each strip were about 5 inches, and they blend in quite well.

This is so simple it is crazy!  All you do is tye your strips of fabric onto the metal frame.  I did the 2 center strips first and then the outside edges. 

It was amazing how much fabric could fit on there.  It looked very full and then I was able to keep pushing the fabric around and tying more strips on there. 

I added the entire 2 yards of fabric.  You can kinda spread it out and fluff it a little.  We thought it was soooo cute!

I left the ends unfinished so it will unravel a little and look more "spooky"

This is the back of the wreath, I pushed all the ties so they came out on the front.

This was fun too, to make some spooky letters to add to the wreath.  You will need Mod Podge, a sponge brush, some news paper to lay your letters on, and some sand paper.

I purchased these letters, they came 2 to a pack for 99 cents.  So we thought we would spell the word BOO, so I only had to spend $2.00 because I got 2 Os and  2 Bs. 

These is all purpose acrylic paint, 99 cents - what a bargain.

I only put one coat of paint on my letters.  Once they tried, I turned them over and painted the back, ensuring that the sides were covered too.

I actually did this before I painted the letters, I traced them onto scrap booking paper that I wanted to line the letter with.

Cut the letters out

Used the sponge brush and Mod Podge to glue the paper to the letters.

Once the paper was dry, I used sand paper, and actually a nail file to sand the edges to ensure the paper blended with the letter well. 

Coated the top of the paper with Mod Podge.  I did 5 coats, waiting 15 minutes between coats.

Make sure that the letters dry all the way.

Once the letters were comply dried, I used a high gloss clear acryllic sealer to coat the letters.  This will need to be done outside - this stuff can stink up your house really fast!

I used jewelry string to tie the letters to the wreath.  I wasn't sure the best way to attach the letters to the wreath.

And lastly I hung it on our front door to welcome our trick or treaters!!!

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