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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Preschool update!

Abby’s first week of preschool went wonderful. I meant to write about this over the weekend while it was fresh on my mind, but I’m happy I’m getting to it now. I think that I was a lot more nervous than Abigail was about changing classrooms at school. When I took the tour of her new room, I looked at the director and I asked her if she was sure Abby was ready for this? She looked so small compared to the other children in the room. I guess Abby is going to change just as much this upcoming year as she did her first year.

We enjoy her new preschool room; her teachers Ms. G and Ms. Jess are wonderful teachers and seem to just love my little angel to death. Her first full day in the room was last Tuesday. I called and talked to Ms. G about 12:30 to check on her and she said that she was doing just wonderful. Ms. G told me that she was asleep right then, but she has just fit right in. She told me that it usually takes the child several days to get use to their schedule, but Abby has just fit in. She said to me, “Now I’m not just saying this to you because you are Abigail’s mom, but she is really such a good baby.”

We were given a calendar for the month of October to show what the children will be learning about on a daily basis. They work on numbers, colors; have crafts and a lot of fun activities. Today they are gluing leaves to a basket and talking about leaves changing colors. I wish that I could be with her every minute of the day, but Abby loves going to her school and being with her friends. She still cries when we drop her off and runs to us at the end of the day, but during the day while she is there she loves it. I think there are a lot of educational benefits to daycare too, and I’m so happy that there isn’t a tv in the school.

Abby has taken a sudden interest in TV. She absolutely LOVES, and I can’t express the word LOVE enough, the opening credits to shows. She can be in the middle of working a puzzle, reading a book, playing with a toy, and as soon as those opening credits come on to a show she gets up, runs over to about 4 feet away from the TV and just stares. She has started to a little dance while the music is playing. As soon as those credits are over, she goes back to what she is doing. I wish it was possible buy a DVD of just “opening” scenes to TV shows. Sometimes when I am on the computer while she is awake I will go to YouTube and we will watch the opening scenes to: Wizards of Waverly place, Hannah Montana, Good Luck Charlie, Timmy Time, & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse all in one sitting. She loves it!

Yesterday I got to the daycare and I turned the corner to where her room was and I saw that the children in her class were sitting in a line against the wall. There is a window that you can look into the class and Abigail was just sitting there like such a big girl participating in the hand movements, I was a very proud mommy. So I guess they were right, she was ready to move up to her big girl class and she is doing very well.

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